For some of you, a wedding is an occasion that has always been a dream. That magic experience of being a bride and marrying your perfect groom. The excitement of trying on gowns, the thrill of the planning, the expectations of the future. Some people don’t ever plan on having a wedding; until they find the one. That’s just it. You really never know what will happen or what you can expect when it comes to spending the rest of your life with someone. It’s a total game changer.
If you’re someone who is newly married or seeking advice- were here to help! The Bridal Garden team has reached out to social media platforms and asked newlyweds and long time lovers their take on marriage!
Here they share their advice they’ve taken to heart while in their married lives. I totally recommend remembering their advice once you tie the knot!

Be Supportive.

Be supportive, all the time, even if you’re not into their thing. Respect each other even when you disagree. Go ahead and try to not “go to bed mad” doesn’t always work but make it work soon enough. –Josh & Charity, married 13 years.

Plan the wedding YOUR way.
“Do the wedding for YOU TWO!! Not parents or friends or guest… Less is more” –Josh & Charity, married 13 years.

Planning a wedding in a short time?
“Planning a wedding in two months was kind of hell! A lot of things didn’t go as planned and there is stuff I’d love to change including the venue, so really search your venue and DJ! We had a family friend do it but I wish we had hired someone!” –Brianna, married 1.5 years

Planning Preparations.
“Don’t go into debt on a wedding and reception….include loved ones in the wedding ceremony (this is what you will remember, not the decorations on the reception tables!)” –Lee, married 15 years.
“My advice about planning, invest in a good DJ, you want your guests to be entertained and have fun. Invest in a good videographer and photographer also- those are the things that you can always look back on to remember your day.” – Carmelina, married 1 year
“ I’d say a great photographer is important(mine never responded after the ceremony so I received no pictures).” –Jenna, married three years.

Make it personal.
“Create your wedding so that it encourages love and happiness, inspiring your guests to spread their compassion and fondness toward their loved ones” –Devyn, married 5 months.
“A close family friend got certified and officiated the wedding which was very special to us.” –Jenna, married three years.

Overall advice:
“Don’t get married if you are selfish! If you don’t want to give this person the clothes off your back, then don’t bother. You should be prepared to give this person everything you have. Marriage is about supporting a family, and not just yourself.” – Jake, Newlywed!

“One tip: Never go to sleep at night or leave the house mad at each other or without saying I love you”-John, married 5 years.
“Marriage is a two way street, treat your partner with respect and kindness” – Carmelina, married 1 year

“Advice: Loving your partner is a daily choice. If you expect the feeling of euphoric, romantic love to maintain throughout your engagement, wedding, and into the marriage, you will be sorely disappointed as the reality of baring your soul and life to another faces you daily. The goal of marriage is not happiness, but rather two people merging all of who they are to become better together than they could be alone. If you are able to bare all in your marriage, your strengths, weaknesses, and everything in between, and give yourself completely to the other, you have a shot of making it.” – Rachel, married 12.5 years.



By: Shannon Whatton