In the days leading up to your wedding, you might think everything is done being planned and
you can relax – but that’s not always the case. It’s important to start thinking about all the
essentials you will need on the big day and ensure that everything has been taken care of.
Stay on top of communication.
Wedding invitations are typically sent out at least six to eight weeks before the big day. While
there should be plenty of information and details about the wedding day on the invitations, you
never know what will happen the day of. If there’s a last-minute problem at the venue or if the
weather changes, look for an online event service that can send texts or an email to alert your
wedding guests of those adjustments.
Square up with your vendors.
In the days just ahead of your wedding, make sure to touch base with each of your vendors.
They will need to confirm with you the location, time, and anything important that they should
know ahead of time. If there are any special accommodations such as extra set-up space,
electrical cords, or extra assistance, be sure to notify your venue coordinator of these needs.
Having your payments taken care of ahead of time will lessen the stress on you during the
wedding day especially if you set their tips aside ahead of time.
Pick out your wedding bands.
In the last three to four months leading up to your wedding, you should purchase your wedding
bands. It’s best to purchase your wedding bands after the engagement ring as your bride will
most likely not know what style band she wants at the time of your engagement. It’s important to
wear your engagement ring for a few weeks or even months to get a good feel for what wedding
band style goes best. Online jewelers, like Blue Nile, make it easy to find your perfect match by
offering a variety of wedding band styles that you can easily access online. Be sure to purchase
a wedding ring holder as well to keep your rings safe on your big day.
Avoid any wardrobe malfunctions.
Between traveling to the wedding venue and getting ready the day of, you never know what will
happen. Nobody wants to have a wardrobe malfunction the day of a wedding, but it’s important
to plan ahead. You put on your dress and there’s a little bit too much room or a seam has ripped
– what should you do? Be sure to pack a well constructed strapless bra
that will make your dress fit perfectly and won’t slide down throughout the day. If a seam rips in one of the
bridesmaid’s dresses or a button falls off one of the groomsmen tuxedo shirts, have a travel sewing kit on hand for those emergency fixes.
Dodge the chance of getting “hangry.”
We’ve all had days where we find ourselves so busy, that we forget to eat a snack or a meal.The wedding day will be busy, but it’s supposed to be an exciting, happy day! No one in the wedding party should feel as though their blood sugar is dropping. To avoid this, have your wedding party all pitch in to buy snacks for the day. This could be a variety pack of granola bars, flavored waters or maybe the wedding venue can lay out a buffet for where you’re planning to get ready. Whatever it is, you’ll want to make sure you have something substantial in your stomach before the champagne starts flowing!
These are only just a few key pieces to remember for your big day. The list of essentials will vary from wedding party to wedding party. Be sure to give yourself enough time to thoroughly think about what items will be helpful to you and your wedding party on your big day.